So what's the Sandgate Whisky Club?

For the Whisky lovers in North Brisbane, the Sandgate Whisky Club invites you to join us on our adventure of discovery in the world of Whisky.


Whether you love Bourbon, Irish, Scotch, Rye, Tennesee, or New World Whiskys (or anything between and outside of!) you will find like minded invidividuals in The Sandgate Whisky Club. 


Membership includes: 


   Please note the Club is currently inactive


  • 20% off ticket price to Club events

  • Exclusive first release of tickets to Club Events

  • 10% off top shelf Whisky at the Cardigan Bar

  • A Sandgate Whisky Club Printed Glencairn Glass 

  • Access to the exclusive Sandgate Whisky Club Facebook Group



Love our seaside town?


Love Whisky?


Join  the Club!!!